The photo booth where the
camera’s in everyone’s pocket.

Instaprint has forever changed the concept of the photo booth. By pulling hashtagged photos and videos from Instagram, Instaprint can print thousands of attendees' photos no matter where they may be located at an event.

Instaprint enhances events while also inspiring people to take more photos. That means more tagged photos and videos with the event's hashtag. When the event is over, Instaprint's software generates an analytics report showing how many people were reached via the event's hashtag.

Daisy Chaining

Each kit includes four Instaprints that are designed to daisy chain together, sharing power and data connections while forming an eye-catching arrangement.

Tag it. Done.

Each Instaprint device is set up to listen for a specific hashtag or location tag on Instagram or *Twitter, automatically printing out any image that has been tagged appropriately.

*Twitter images coming soon

Branded Prints

Brand and event logos can be printed onto each photo coming out of Instaprint to make for a customized experience.

Instaprint Projection

Designed to work alongside the Instaprint Printers, Instaprint Projection is a beautiful live feed of attendees' images that can be streamed to any screen or projector. It also provides printing, like, and comment updates per each image.

Event analytics.

Instaprint is about much more than just printing photos. Every person that hashtags a photo or video is sharing the event they're at with all of their followers. That adds up to a lot of impressions. Instaprint's software compiles a report at the end of each event to provide an array of analytics on how well Instaprint performed.